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Reality check folks.Having a social media strategy is a necessity, not a luxury. You need to integrate your social media strategy with your content strategy and with that in place you’ll see the real impact of lead generation, referral traffic and revenue.Gone are the days where you farm out your social media task to the intern, you need social media strategists now and we’re here to save the day. Let us allocate your company with an individual, a dedicated social media junkie straight from PCG Global. Your contact will be all over your products, services, client base and company culture making sure to deliver your message in the perfect light.

What We Do For Your Company?

Our success only comes from the success we provide for our clients. We take our jobs very seriously to insure that our clients needs are being met, and their online marketing is exceeding their expectations. Once we start to manage your social media profiles you can expect to see the following and more:

Increase your website traffic
Increased foot traffic for retail or restaurant industries
Increased online engagements from your audience
Increase your overall online and social media presence
Increase sales as high as 15- 20%
Social Media Packages

We don’t want to drown you guys in social media tech speak so we’ve tried to break this down simply. We’d love to escape our laptops for a few minutes so if you need to speak to us about this instead we’d love to call you or chat via email.